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Behind The Bean: Episode 1 – [Together]

So begins a video series I’ve been wanting to do for a while now! While games should for the most part speak for themselves, I thought it might be cool for people to hear a little bit more about what … Continue reading

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Now In Print: [Together]

Last week I finally received my copy of IndieGames.com‘s 250 Indie Games You Must Play (Amazon link here)! My excitement was built up not only because I’d have a book of solid indie game recommendations, but also because I’m in … Continue reading

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Onward to GDC!

This week will see me attending my first GDC. That means I had an excuse to make some fancy new business cards, which meant staying up til 2:00am last night printing and cutting these bad boys out. If you happen … Continue reading

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Automatic Game Demakes!

So I came across Pixelfari the other day, a browser for Mac that essentially converts webpages into 8bit-esque versions of themselves, reducing fonts and images into little more than pixelated nostalgia. It’s cool enough going to big, fancy websites to … Continue reading

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[Together] has been published in IndieGames.com’s 250 Indie Games You Must Play [link] Click Here to Play! [Together] is a continuation of my mantra of “never doing the same thing twice”. This time around, I tried to strip away as … Continue reading

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