How My Grandfather Won The War

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How My Grandfather Won The War is one of the first games I released after having received my BFA. It pretty much marks the beginning of my new wave of games, aiming to both provide unique visuals and to develop strange experiments within the vastly unknown world of gameplay.

3rd place winning entry for’s
6th Casual Gameplay Design Competition!

Additional Links:
Game Soundtrack (double pack with OST from [Together])
Making Of (from my old blog)
My rants about making this game (Gamasutra)
– All Entries From This Competition (JayIsGames’ CGDC6)

Around the Web:
– Coverage: [the2bears]
– Reviews: [JayIsGames]
– Mirror Link: [ArmorGames]

Fast Facts:
Release Date: Oct. 2009
Development time: 7 weeks
Cardboard boxes ripped up: ~20
Papercuts: Zero! 😀
People who claim to have beaten the game: 7 ._.

Screenshot Attack!

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