Announcing: Soundodger!

Greetings, all! What an exciting and silent five months it’s been since I last told you anything. I think it’s time to change that. Allow me to introduce my next big thing…


That’s right, Soundodger! It’s a game that’s a little different from what I’ve recently been known to create, but it’s something I’ve been excited about for years. I had been struggling a bit with my game Blind and took a break to prototype an idea I had years ago. That prototype ended up having too much potential, and so I journeyed down that path, bringing us to where we are today. And since you all know I didn’t just come here to talk, here’s the first public glimpse of the game in motion (and some music!)

And now a bit about the game. Simply put, Soundodger is a game about moving through music. Every level is a song. And every song is choreographed to allow patterns of shapes to flood the screen, most of which are aimed in your general direction. All you have to do is dodge them. It’s like a dance, except you’re a slave to the music.

Speaking of music, the significance of audio in this project led me to ask musicians around the world to help out, and the response has been absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t have made this game without them. There would be too many levels and I can only create one kind of sound. So to have them on board has been super exciting. I can’t reveal the roster just yet as I’m still finalizing the exact playlist of tracks, but I assure you there is a wide range of genres and technique going on throughout the game. A little something for everyone. Though I will say the music in the trailer was created for the game by the talented Mike Forst.

More info soon to come!

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