BasketBelle 50% Off! (and on Greenlight)

In celebration of IndieCade week, BasketBelle is currently 50% off at $2.49!

Included with the game, as always:
– Full version of BasketBelle (Win, Mac, + Flash)
– Full Soundtrack with Bonus Tracks + Album Art
– Sketchbook PDF with Developer Liner Notes
– Access to a Making Of Featurette (here you go)
– Free Updates For Life!

Click here to see the trailer!

For those just joining in, BasketBelle is a 2D experimental side-scrolling basketball platformer (woah). Each Chapter of the game utilizes the idea and mechanics of basketball in a different way. In some Chapters you may be dribbling inside of a weird purple creature; in others you may be dunking in the clouds (and likely will). It’s a bit different from what you may have played before, but it certainly falls in line with the other narrative-focused experimental games I’ve made over the last few years.

BasketBelle is also currently drifting around in Steam Greenlight, waiting for enough community support to blossom into availability. If you have a moment to spare, I would appreciate some Yes-voting to help push the game into a green-colored spotlight. If you already own the game, you’ll get a free Steam key, should BasketBelle become available on Steam!

Lastly, the game has recently been updated to fix a couple bugs and tweak a few issues with enemies and menus. I think I’ve eliminated all of the issues players have pointed out, so thanks to everyone who’s helped me improve things!

Once again, thanks to everyone who’s helped support me, my work, the world of independent development, and the future of gaming as we know it! I appreciate anyone taking a moment out of their lives to either spread the word or enjoy the work I’ve been doing. Supporting me through my games literally allows me to continue doing what I love, so, thanks. And Happy Dunking.



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