BasketBelle: Coming Soon!

Sorry for the, what, two months of silence on my end? Fortunately I can admit that most of that time was spent wrapping up work on my grandest game yet, BasketBelle. It’s certainly come a long way and I’m quite proud of how it’s turned out! Above is a recent trailer that basically spoils everything in the game through quick rapid cuts. Enjoy!

On the day I began life as a fulltime indie dev, the game was roughly 30% complete, with ~2 ½ levels finished. Since then, I’ve pushed through and basically finished the rest of the game (:D). I finally played through from start to finish for the first time a month ago, and it’s… it’s an odd game, to say the least. I like its weirdness. It was an experimental game from the start, and that hasn’t changed during development.

To help keep it ever-changing, I never fully designed a level until I worked on it, allowing later levels to continually evolve in my head, some for over a year! This could have been quite dangerous, allowing something to grow without restriction, so I made sure to stick to a loose script that was written at the beginning.

My main focus at the moment revolves around things outside of the game, which I suppose is that last 10% that people keep talking about with their projects. Though, this is probably closer to the last 2%. Since the game is going to be downloadable, I’m adding nifty things like fullscreen, proper pausing, audio controls, visual controls, etc (basically all of the stuff I got away with ignoring with my Web-based games). Also, since the game takes so long to play, I’ve added a Chapter selection so you can easily pick up where you last left off. All the Chapters will be unlocked from the get-go to avoid having to worry about where your save files are (for those who play games on multiple machines).

Hmm, what else…I’m also putting together a few goodies to come with the game, such as the full soundtrack (+ bonus tracks!), concept art from my game design sketchbook, and other cool stuff.

I’ll of course be giving updates on how things are going. So close to finishing! 😀

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