The Creators Project

Strangers gather to watch a strange indie game about basketball

This past weekend I was honored to be able to demo BasketBelle at The Creators Project event at Fort Mason in San Francisco. There were a couple other games there from Jason Rohrer and Mark Essen, but most of the draw of the crowd was to see a bunch of live bands and large scale art installations.

With short notice about being included in the event, I worked pretty solid for a week to try and finish the third level of the game. I also worked in a fancy mode that uses an Xbox360 controller to navigate the menus as well as play the game (sorry, no native support; just using JoyToKey).

I watched plenty of people tackle the first level, many of whom had fun trying to trick the blob into letting its guard down. Those who got to level 2 (also available during IndieCade in October) spent a while trying to wrap their heads around the puzzles. And for the small few who got to level 3, I could see in their eyes the determination to finish the demo. It was quite rewarding to see people nod their heads to the beat of the music, indicating they both enjoyed what they heard and found a clue to beating the level as well.

If you haven’t had a chance to play the game yet, it may be of note that I have nothing major planned in the near future other than working on BasketBelle and getting this thing up and running (with the exception of moving into a new space, but that takes like a day, right?). I’ll of course continue giving little updates as I hit the milestones. The end is um… nearish! :D

Pics from the event below!

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5 Responses to The Creators Project

  1. Mitearalone says:

    Seeing people smiling while playing the game is really cool.
    I can’t wait to play Basketbelle. =D

  2. M says:

    Loved the excitement of the Big Screen display to show the Beauty of BasketBelle and for others to admire the creativity of music, art and game play all rolled into one… And then to actually play the game!!!

  3. Mr. Uvula says:

    Whoever that is giving you bunny ears in that last photo had some decent success :)

    Can’t wait to see what becomes of this game! The hints you drop about level 3 are VERY intriguing.

  4. Panak says:

    I checked those games on your sidebar. They were all amazing. I liked end of us. :)

  5. Article Reader says:

    I’m gonna hire you to work at my Indie company, if i win the lottery this weekend

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