Now Starring in a Reality TV Show (…what?)

With the launch of IGN’s new YouTube channel dedicated to all things games, a new reality TV show has been born (kind of), called The Next Game Boss. Basically, six teams of indie game devs compete to take home some kind of amazing software prize package. I had the honor of being a contestant on the show, solely representing the only one-man team, “Team Bean” (naturally).

Over the course of each episode (new episodes to air every Tuesday at noon PST), the teams will be tackling various challenges in the world of game development, one team to be eliminated every show. I dare not spoil anything else, so go ahead and watch the first episode (video embedded above)!

How exciting! Tune in each week to see what new craziness we have to deal with, and be sure to root for Team Bean! For a list of all episodes from this season, click here.


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8 Responses to Now Starring in a Reality TV Show (…what?)

  1. Loved your game in this first episode. Go Bean!

    • Wael says:

      I disagree. I uhgtoht the game play is a complete misfit to the property. The challenge when using existing IP for a game concept is to find the type of game play that truly compliments the type of affinity the audience has towards the show. IIn this case I really can’t see any of the many show’s fans enjoying the strategy style game. Not every property translates well to a game, and obviously a comedy-drama style soap is a tough one to crack. At the same time, imposing a game play pattern on a property with a different feel and dynamics is a good recipe for disaster, which is what I consider this game to be.

  2. Pierrec says:

    I enjoyed the concept and enjoyed the show….but the eliminations ? Please! Let people make their game!

  3. Roozi says:

    Loved your idea, just keep us posted

  4. mikewest says:

    Aw man. I would’ve liked to see where you were going to head with cycles.

  5. David says:

    Don’t lose hope man ,you were the best among the 6 teams who were at the show GameBoss ,i hope you’ll still be making games because with your creativity such as a concept as “cycles” you could become a great developer for a major gaming company ,keep it up sir #TeamBean

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