BasketBelle is out now!

BasketBelle has been selected as
a finalist for IndieCade 2011! [link]

BasketBelle is a game that explores the importance of family ties, personal struggle, and the ability to solve one’s problems through 1-on-1 games of basketball. A dynamic soundtrack and mesh of playable memories combine to help create a narrative that allows the player to learn along with the protagonist.

Finalist for IndieCade 2011!

Additional Links:
Teaser Trailer

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– Coverage: [IndieGames], [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

Fast Facts:
Release Date: July 6th, 2012
Development Time: 1+ year
Points Required to Win A Match: 11
Players Allowed on the Court: 2
Number of Kidnapped Little Sisters: 1
Is This Based On Life Experiences? This is an original story. I can’t even dunk. =P
How Long Will Gameplay Be? A bit longer than my past games.
Wait, Does This Take Place In France? Oui!
Please Don’t Tell Me The Final Scene Will Be Near the Eiffel Tower. Okay :]

Screenshot Attack!

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3 Responses to BasketBelle

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  3. jordy says:


    I was wondering if you are considering adding 1v1 basketball, against AI, to this game.
    Enjoyed the feeling of dribbling, shooting and dunking etc. and was quite disappointed I didn’t get to play against AI in a sandbox and just play some games.
    Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the rest of your game, the story was pretty good, but the puzzles are not worth mentioning, I couldn’t save, jumping was imprecise, the flying-levels were just plain annoying me and overall it didn’t feel like a solid game.
    But like I said did really enjoy the feel of basket-balling so hope you will expand on that.


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