BasketBelle, Now an IndieCade 2011 Finalist!

BasketBelle has been accepted as a finalist in this year’s IndieCade! It’s an honor to be part of such a cool festival, celebrating indie games from all over the world.

If you’re in the LA/Culver City area, be sure to check out the show October 8th and 9th! Admission is free to play all 36 games, so you basically have no choice. I’ll be there to witness players shattering backboards (and of course to play the other games), so feel free to say hello. :]

I have some goodies I’ve been working on for the festival, which I’ll be showing pretty soon. In the meantime, mark your calenders and get ready to play some games!

A note to readers who can’t make it to IndieCade:
I love you guys, too, but you’ll just have to wait a little longer to play some bball ♥

For those who missed the trailer before, please dunk below:


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3 Responses to BasketBelle, Now an IndieCade 2011 Finalist!

  1. Kirkpad says:

    Awesome man! It totally deserves to be put alongside the other titles.

  2. Ina Molinari says:

    Basketbelle seems to be another masterpiece in the realm of game play and storytelling in artistic style…Plain awesome!!!! Genius as usual!!!

  3. Such a great news ! I hope that BasketBelle will be in the top of this festival.

    I just can’t wait to make some dunks…but I must wait…and sure I will. =)

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