Some Inspirations

Instead of giving you a bunch of assurance that ProjectB is making some good progress (it is), I thought I’d share with you some of the videos I’ve come across in the last few years that have inspired me to explore the different ways to transition and bend reality, whether it’s through space, time, both, or something else altogether. The videos should speak for themselves, but I’ll point out a couple things in each that took my interest:

John Lewis Commercial
This one is pretty powerful in how it follows a girl’s life from diapers to grandmotherhood. I absolutely adore how the transitions keep the viewer interested while also telling a story in between the grander moments. The point of views are kept fairly simple so we can just focus on what’s going on rather than where we are (as you’ll see below).


Uffie – Difficult

In this video, the same room is shown over and over. This would get repetitive, but the new elements added each time make you think back to what you just saw. Eventually, the twisting of the room’s orientation do an excellent job of using the same space in a new light.


Keston Cobblers’ Club – You Go
Now this one I like (and the rest, too, but this one has such charm). As far as I can tell, this was all done in one continuous take, where the tightness of each shot makes you wonder which way gravity is going. They do a good job of hiding it until it’s time to move on to the next part of the lyrics. Simple and effective.


Being John Malkovich – Sub-Conscious Chase
Warning: Contains mature content/language (but we’re all adults here anyway, right?)


This kind of ruins the movie, but Spike Jonze’s first feature length film is a masterpiece in perspectives and points of view. This particular chase sequence at the end caught my attention in how the transitions changed gravity, time, and space – all while telling additional information about the repressed sub-conscious of John Malkovich.


Spike Jonze – Adidas Commercial

Spike Jonze is now famous for his unique use of the camera. He’s done countless music videos, several motion pictures, and a few skateboarding movies. Needless to say, I’m a fan of his work. This commercial for Adidas is just another example of how his quirky look on the world can be applied to a dream sequence. More gravity-twisting landscapes come into play here, along with a subtle paint effect that reveals the world around our sleepy jogger.


Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness

This one is also pretty simple, but they hide their techniques pretty well (until they intentionally reveal them later in the video). The idea of Cudi continuously falling back onto the couch works very well here, oftentimes surprising him in how he kept coming back to it.

Hope you enjoyed! For those paying attention, you probably saw a couple elements here and there that have made it into my games. I’m still working on putting together transitions and the like for ProjectB, which is only getting more exciting as I move forward :]

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