…But That Was [Yesterday]

Voted 2010 Best Interactive Art or Experimental Game by JayIsGames! [link]

Named as the #5 Freeware Experimental Game of 2010 by IndieGames! [link], [mirror]

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…But That Was [Yesterday] is a game that attempts to show one how to move forward in life. In trying to communicate specific emotions with the player, text and input are minimized, relying instead upon player-driven interactions and a dynamic soundtrack.

1st place winning entry for JayIsGames.com’s
9th Casual Gameplay Design Competition!

Additional Links:
Offline Version
– Game Soundtrack
Initial Teaser (from my old blog)
Sketches (from my old blog)
– All Entries From This Competition (JayIsGames’ CGDC9)

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Fast Facts:
Release Date: Nov. 2010
Development time: 2 months
Number of Endings: Three! :O
Based on a True Story? Many, actually
Did you make this game for yourself? Yes, but I decided to share it with the world
Who is the pink girl who appears in your games? She is a pink girl who appears in my games.
But isn’t the blue boy based on you? Yes
So isn’t the pink girl someone from your life? She exists in my games.
You’re purposely mysterious. So are my games.

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